Financing Services (cont'd)

We're always looking to augment our success by financing viable transactions for both our customers and vendors. In many cases Quetico has financed or partnered with entrepreneurs who come to us with sound ideas but limited resources.


Because of our excellent and enduring relationship with financial institutions, we've been able to secure several eight-figure lines of credit. Credit availability, combined with our strong asset base, permits Quetico to be a source of significant capital for creditworthy customers. We offer a wide range of financing products including letters of credit, accounts receivable, inventory, and purchase order financing.


This has proven to be an invaluable asset for young and growing companies, allowing them to pursue business opportunities which would be otherwise unavailable. Quetico LLC uses its credit resources wisely, to encourage new business and participate in the growth of its customers and vendors.


We're excited to offer a helping hand those entrepreneurs with sound and novel business proposals.