Palletizing, Packaging,

& Product Displays  (cont'd)

Quetico is a global leader in point-of-purchase pallet programs for big box retailers. What advantages does Quetico offer your company in maximizing your profit potential with high-volume retail sales?


Experience - We've designed hundreds of successful pallet displays for some of the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world. By incorporating custom bottom shrouds to hide the pallet and printing directly on the display, we can create attractive presentations which are floor-ready with a minimum of prep.


Plastic packaging - Quetico can deliver your product in theft- and tamper-resistant clamshell packaging economically with our in-house thermoformers and radio frequency sealers.


Advanced shrinkwrapping technology - Effective plastic shrinkwrapping is a key component for protecting pallet-based displays from damage, dirt, and theft. Out high-tech machines and heat tunnels guarantee your product will look the same as when it left the factory. Quetico also offers cold-pack green packaging for heat-sensitive product.


Save money with a bulk cardboard purchaser - We buy, sell, and recycle tons of cardboard - literally. We find the best money can buy and then get a lot of it. That means we can pass savings along to you on this material critical to successful shipping and distribution.