Retail Distribution (cont'd)

Manufacturers reduce costs and improve responsiveness by utilizing Quetico LLC as their retail distribution center. Our experienced customer service representatives are experts in arranging shipments to all major retailers in North America.


A high-tech management warehouse system organizes and tracks our clients' inventory from receipt to ship out. We offer inventory reporting for every stage of the process, printed and online - so you know where your product is every step of the way.


Quetico's experienced shipping managers are familiar with the strict specifications of the world's top box retailers and volume discount stores, meaning your product is ready for sale when it arrives at its destination. And our 250 hard-working warehouse employees take the idea of "full-service" seriously - they know better than anyone there are no second chances in high-volume retail. That's why we make sure our customers get the ultimate in service and attention to detail; why our shipments are accurate, and arrive on time.